We are a Software Development Company driven by Agile Methodologies. Our main goal is to identify and solve our client’s needs, working together in the process of creating their web applications, mobile and more.

Meet the team

How does the company work?

We like to think of us as a group of friends. We are software professionals seeking to improve our clients ideas by giving them innovative solutions.

We have been working head to head with our clients to make sure we know what they need and that are on the same track.

Our main goal is to provide high quality products fast and using the best technologies and methodologies that fit our clients perfectly.

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Our Process

In Cavepot we believe that there are two main things for a project to be successful. One is the (ROI) return of investment for the client. The other one is to eradicate the gap between what the client wants and what the team thinks that the client wants.

Because of the things mentioned before we work with agile methodologies. This helps us discover the product that the client needs and build a mvp. This results in an improvement of the ROI.

The way we get organized to do this is by dividing the work flow into two week sprints. Working in these blocks we make sure that we are on the same track as the client, checking in often with them and moving towards the same goal. We have learned that this is the best way to have the client and the developers always on the same page, improving communication and connection among us. Being able to validate the product after each sprint allows us to continue the way we are or change paths according to the clients feedback.

Where are we?

Our headquarters are based in Montevideo Uruguay. Montevideo is a beautifully diverse city full of energy and great architecture.

Software developing in Uruguay nowadays is peeking. There are governmental programs that provide kids with laptops from a very early age, therefore they are familiar and intrigued on technology as they grow up. This has made developing software a part of our culture. Nowadays those kids that grew up with those programs are the current working generation, part of the big pool of developers that we have.

Another great reason to be in Uruguay is that, due to our time zone we have a minimal time difference. This allows us to easily work with clients overseas. Also we love to visit them on site, we travel more than 4 times a year to grab a coffee with them, chat face to face and strengthen our relationships. Whether it’s in the Usa or Europe we believe that distances don’t matter when relationships are strong and real.