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Cavepot Guillermo Fernandez

Guillermo Fernandez

Born in Spain, with uruguayan nationality, claiming that he's real country is Ireland, and convinced his ancestors where nordic vikings. Computer engineer, innate motivational leader. Definitely passionate for soccer.

Cavepot Vikingo Developer
Cavepot Santiago Bermudez

Santiago Bermudez

He is our key player when it comes to new technologies, a real frontend viking. Equally passionate for soccer and bachata and loves any kind of dog.He is always trying to cheer everyone up. He is the Cave of the Pot

Cavepot Vikingo Developer
Cavepot Santiago Mussio

Santiago Mussio

He is an enthusiastic computer engineer, always contributing and helping our team. This Viking is a great leader seeking to improve the work environment and our projects. He is a father, loves to play starcraft and a judo fan.

Cavepot Vikingo Developer
Cavepot Bruno Argenta

Bruno Argenta

He is a land creature but loves to be in sea, he is a real surfer that enjoy outdoor life. Every team works need a person like him to, he is an excellent professional that always gives more than he can. Always having crazy and innovation ideas in all areas. If someone needs to do something with apple he is the right person.

Cavepot Vikingo Developer
Cavepot Ximena Fernandez

Ximena Fernandez

Design leader, digital marketing ninja, social media wizard. She will maximize your ROI, minimize your CPL, and ensure your stickiness. Just for beer. She always gives the final touches that leave all projects looking polished.

Cavepot Vikingo Design
Cavepot Manuel Tais

Manuel Tais

Manuel was a successful football player who is now retired. Nowadays he is our team's quarterback: he delivers all the passes and projects right on time. He specializes in all .Net technologies.

Cavepot Vikingo Developer
Cavepot Diego Caraballo

Diego Caraballo

Made for playing soccer and Clash Royale, He is always ready to learn new things and experiment new technologies. A Game of Thrones fan, if you have the pleasure to have lunch with Diego he will make sure to talk about Khaleesi and Jon Snow.

Cavepot Vikingo Developer
Cavepot Jacinto Bolajuzón

Jacinto Bolajuzón

Jacinto is one of our international team members! Coming all the way from Argentina. He is the media master among other things, making sure that our team and our projects are always well seen and communicated in the best ways.

Cavepot Vikingo Marketing
Cavepot Pablo Ferrari

Pablo Ferrari

Pablo is a native from Rosario, Colonia. There he grew his passion for Parrilas and Picadas, as well as Peñarol. Playing soccer was another of his favourite activities, but a knee injure has kept him away from the fields, for some time now.

Cavepot Vikingo Developer
Cavepot Nicolás Guerrero

Nicolás Guerrero

His nickname is Nichu, he was born in Montevideo but he lived a short time in Spain. The youngest member of our team. He loves going to the beach, playing soccer and partying. One thing that characterizes him are his sports skills, he can kick a soccer ball with his two legs! He is a “Matador” on the field.

Cavepot Vikingo Developer

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